Heart and Soul Healing Arts

and Massage Therapy



Committed to enriching your body,

mind and spirit

Heart and Soul Massage Therapy is a family-owned and operated business located in Cape Coral, proudly sharing the many benefits of massage therapy with the Southwest Florida community since 2003.

We also offer Reiki Healing, a specialty service which beautifully complements our traditional massage therapies.

It is our desire to create a blissful atmosphere where you can relax, revive and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.


 Our massage therapists are available:

Monday - Friday   10-5

Saturday     10-1:30

Our Reiki Master is available:

Fridays and Saturdays

heart and soul massage
Schedule your next Cape Coral Massage, Reiki, or Reflexology treatment in our new Salt Mist Treatment room starting with a $10 up-charge. 

Or schedule a 45-minute seated-session in our Salt Mist Serenity Room.

heart and soul

Relaxing ambience, wonderful therapist, I experienced healing benefits. My sinuses drained by sitting in their salt room. Tamara B. - I bought a salt lamp to put by my husband's bedside and it has been so beneficial to him since he's been plagued with a lot of congestion and difficulty sleeping due to congestive heart failure. Thank you, Heart & Soul! Bette B.

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