Himalayan Salt Services

Salt Mist Serenity Lounge

The benefits of Himalayan Salt are wide-ranging and Heart & Soul is proud to take part in this small community of approximately 200 salt therapy facilities in the US. 

Salt treatments are natural and holistic. They can be used as a preventative way to strengthen and cleanse the immune system, stimulate circulation, relax the body, calm the nervous system, soothe sore muscles, and remove toxins.  Pink salt is anti-microbial,

anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. 

Salt Mist Serenity Lounge

Our pink salt is extracted by hand from ancient seabeds that are over 250 million years old.  These seabeds are located in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.

Himalayan pink salt has a rich mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron - all perfectly balanced in nature to be utilized by the body without causing hypertension in most of the population.  Be aware that about 10% of the population is salt-sensitive.   

Chakra Panel

We have a custom chakra panel on the ceiling in the Salt Mist Serenity Room that allows focus on one particular chakra or the whole chakra system.

The salt emits negative ions - the good ions - into the air.  Negative ions neutralize anything harmful in the air by attaching themselves to dust, pollen, and dander and dropping it to the floor.  Negative ions also counteract against the positive ions emitted by fluorescent lighting, computers, TV's, and other electronic devices that can sap our energy and make us tired, irritable, and even depressed.

Other benefits of negative ions emitted into the air are:  increase in chi, elimination of allergens, boosts immune system, increases serotonin, improves mental alertness and feelings of well-being, reduces SAD.

Himalayan Salt Lounge Sittings

Our Salt Mist Serenity Room will allow you to relax as a mist of pure Himalayan salt surrounds you.  As you breathe in this therapeutic salt it can help clear your lungs and nasal passages for overall better respiratory quality. 

For 45 minutes your body can rest without working so hard to clean out environmental toxins.

The lounge can fit up to six people comfortably.

This electronic-free and dedicated quiet zone allows for meditation and rest.

45-minute Sitting Prices

1 Sitting    $50

2 pack       $90

  5 pack       $215

10 pack       $410

Salt Mist Serenity Lounge

Salt Treatment Room

Salt Treatment Room

Regular consumption of pink salt balances electrolytes, supports nutrient absorption, eliminates toxins, normalizes blood pressure, and assists in relief from respiratory ailments, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, migraines, and skin ailments, plus flu and fever.

You can upgrade any massage, reflexology, or Reiki appointment into the private Salt Treatment Room.

Upgrades start at $12.

We also offer couple's massages and triple massages in our lounge**

**these appointments require payment in full at time of booking

**Upon cancellation of these prepaid appointments, a non-refundable cancellation fee up to $55 will be retained

**The remainder of your balance will be given back to you on an H&S gift card that can be used towards your next service.

Benefits of Salt Therapy

    It's said to help with the following:



    Seasonal allergies, Asthma,

    Snoring, Better sleep quality

    *COPD (not for stage 3)

    Overall better breathing quality

    Sinusitis, Chronic Ear, Nose, Throat Issues

    Auto Immune Diseases, Immune System support

    High Blood Pressure


    Depression, Anxiety

    Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis

    Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Inflammatory Issues

    To offset the effect of Electronic Pollution or Air Pollution

    Mental Clarity, Overall Relaxation & Stress Relief


    *Please see the contraindications for salt therapy*

      *Please note our salt therapy treatments do not diagnose or treat medical conditions; please consult medical professionals for all your health care needs. Our Salt Mist Serenity Room is an Electronic Free and Quiet Zone to allow for total relaxation and mediation for all those experiencing this therapy. We thank you in advance for honoring our strict policies. NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN SALT ROOMS. We recommend you drink water prior to and after salt therapies.  H&S is not responsible for belongings inside or outside of building during salt sessions, we offer small cubbies for your keys and phones (cubbies aren’t locked) we recommend you leave bags in your car. We do have 24 hour surveillance in the salt room areas.