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Spring Specials Give the Gift of Relaxation From Our Heart to Yours
Spring Specials

Spring into Summer Specials
Great gift ideas for Moms, Dads, Brides & Grads!

 Relax, revive and rejuvenate with these seasonal savings ......

*Two 1 hour Reiki sessions with free upgrades
into our private Himalayan Salt treatment room. $120

*Three 1 hour Massages. $165

*Limit one of each special per person. *Offer valid to purchase through 6/18/18.

*Bonus Special - 45 min Himalayan Salt Lounge Sittings
just $18 each.
Our Salt Mist Serenity Lounge can comfortably seat up to six people at a time.

*Sittings must be scheduled by 6/18/18.

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DISCLAIMER:  Any discounted specials or discounted massage packages cannot be used off of the Heart & Soul premises.  All call-outs (house calls) will be charged full-price plus a $10 upcharge in Cape Coral.