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Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is a topical pain-relief method.  Taping can help reduce swelling, delay muscle fatigue, reduce muscle tension and improve posture/form.  While taping may alleviate your symptoms, it does NOT replace medical treatment or the instruction of a physician.
kinesiology taping

Benefits of taping
Kinesio taping can be used to help treat: Plant Fasciitis, ACL/MCL issues, Achilles Tendonitis, lower back pain, hamstring pulls, pain associated with pregnancy, shin splnts, posture issues, wrist issues, shoulder pain, tennis/golf elbow.

Contraindications for taping are: open wounds, skin lesions, severe adhesive allergies, infants/toddlers and children too young to communicate.

Skin Prep
The therapist will clean your skin from oils/lotions with a cloth and rubbing alcohol.

The tape we use is safe for all skin types (including sensitive skin).  It's hypoallergenic and latex-free.  The tape will either be pre-cut or measured at the time of application.  This application can be done in conjunction with another service or as a stand-alone service.  The tape will be applied directly to your skin in areas of concern.  The therapist will ask you to move or bend (your neck/arm/leg, etc.) in order to correctly apply the kinesio tape.
Removal Instructions
A copy of at-home removal instructions will be given to you as you leave Heart & Soul.

Other Precautions
Remove immediately if any kind of irritation, severe itching or burning of skin occurs (this is highly unusual).  Typical application lasts 3-5 days, DO NOT leave tape on more than 5 days.

*You can swim and shower with your kinesio tape.

*Please Note:  Kinesio tape does not diagnose or resolve medical conditions.  Kinesio taping does not replace medical attention or procedures.  Please consult a medical professional for your health care needs.

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