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Before Scheduling a treatment, please see our frequently asked questions page, and our policies and precautions page.

Massage therapy lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases circulation and lymph flow, increases endorphins and promotes faster healing, reduces stress and anxiety, improves range of motion, posture and joint flexibility, reduces muscle aches and spasms, and strengthens the immune system.

DISCLAIMER:  Any discounted specials or discounted massage packages cannot be used off of the Heart & Soul premises.  All call-outs (house calls) will be charged full-price plus a $10 upcharge in Cape Coral.

Receive the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt while having a massage, Reiki, or reflexology in our Salt Treatment Room, or schedule a relaxing session in our Salt Serenity Lounge.
Healing Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, focused, relaxing natural treatment.  Reiki delivers healing energy and balance to the body mind and spirit.

With this treatment, Kinesiology tape is applied to the body to help alleviate tension, fatigue, and swelling in the muscles; and to improve posture.

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