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Gift Ideas

Gift Cards

Heart and Soul now sells re-loadable gift cards!  They make a great present for any occasion.  We offer our gift cards for all of our services in any dollar amount, and for annual and seasonal package deals. They must be presented at the time services are rendered. 

*Please see our FAQ page for our policy about upgrades on gift cards.


Aromatherapy essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to reduce the effects of stress, energize the body and help balance the body, mind and spirit.

You can buy essential oils from us to continue your aromatherapy at home:

Cedarwood           Calming and relaxing
Cinnamon              Energizing and revitalizing, muscle ache
Clary Sage             Feminine balance, hair care
Eucalyptus             Energizing and relaxing, muscle ache,
                              sinus, burns
Lavender               Calming and relaxing, aching feet, acne,
                              cuts burns, hair care
Lemongrass           Energizing and revitalizing
Marjoram               Calming and relaxing
Orange                  Calming and relaxing, energizing & relaxing
Peppermint            Energizing and revitalizing, aching feet,
                              muscle ache, headaches, acne
Rosemary              Calming and relaxing, hair care, aching
                              feet, breath easy, headaches
Tea Tree                Breath easy, acne
Ylang Ylang            Calming and relaxing, feminine balance

Please note that certain oils may have contraindications for pregnancy and high blood pressure, and should be avoided. Please ask prior to purchasing.

*We also sell soy candles, foot and body lotion, and clearing spray.
Natural Stone Elements
Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Salt lamps vary in price and size.

These lamps were handcrafted from 250 million year old sea beds at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.  The items cleanse and neutralize the air naturally while charging it with healthy negative ions.  They are a natural ionizer and placing a salt lamp near a computer can actually help combat EMF pollution.  These natural elements can help improve your concentration and decrease mental fatigue.  The can also help with ADHD, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.  They aid in relaxation and meditation.  They promote easier breathing, and deeper more restful sleep.  They can help to alleviate migraines, sinus, bronchial and breathing conditions.  The therapeutic effects can help reduce stress and energize the body.

To see which size Salt Lamp is right for your room or space, click on the link below:
Himalayan Salt Blocks

Popular usages for Salt Blocks are:

1) Detoxing the body through the feet

2) Cooking in your oven or on the grill

For information and directions on how to use your salt block, click on the link below:

Sombra natural pain relieving gels are alcohol free, non-greasy, non-staining and have a light, refreshing citrus scent.  Choose either Sombra Warm Therapy or Cool Therapy:

Natural pain relieving gel jar, 4 oz                        $11.00
Natural pain relieving roll-on, 4 0z                         $9.75

Larger sizes available by special order
You can create harmony and balance in your home, workplace
 and life while using these natural items.

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